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Welcome to the Vaults!

Watching other people play is a great way to improve your backgammon skills. You'll find plenty of games to choose from here, as well as some basic tips.

You can let the games play automatically, or go step-by-step, deciding what moves you'd have played before discovering what actually happened. All you need is a recent web browser (e.g. IE, Firefox, Opera). Have fun!

- Paul Stephens.
Top quality tournament matches from Scandinavia to Monte Carlo

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Jellyfish vs Snowie
Two of the big commercial backgammon packages played head-to-head by Tony Lezard's Dueller.

100 3-point matches
100 5-point matches
200 (count 'em!) 7-point matches

BG Blitz vs GNU Backgammon
The World Computer Champion
vs the Open Source Hero!

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Home Grown
From my own hard drive

Sample Games
A FIBS top-200, Tom vs Jerry and the Great Escape

Caretaker's Dept.

 Re-check your computer's speed.
Tips and guides
Rules of Backgammon, Dice probabilities

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