The Bodies in the BeachThe Bodies in the Beach

My detective mystery novel is now available on Kindle and in paperback, along with its sequel, Death in the Deauville!

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About The Bodies in the Beach

A young woman is found buried in a shallow grave under the pier at Weston-super-Mare, a seaside resort in the West of England. With the regional Murder Squad busy hunting the killer of two university students in nearby Bristol, it's down to Weston's local CID team to investigate. They struggle for leads – even for the identity of the victim - until Detective Sergeant Mary Miller finds someone giving out inside details of the crime in the most unexpected of places. Unsure of whose side their new source is on, Mary and her boss DI Steve Jones find themselves dealing with superhuman intellect, diplomatic pressure, community tensions and ruthless thuggery, as the case becomes more complex and the Squad begin to take an interest.

Boasting two piers, a derelict beach-side swimming pool and 11% of the country’s drug rehab units, Weston-super-Mare is an English seaside town still struggling to meet the challenge of the package holiday, 40 years after it arrived. Mary Miller polices this mixture of the old, new and decaying, protective of the place while recognising its faults, and not always staying completely within the rules. In The Bodies in the Beach she struggles to cope with people from outside her experience and comfort zone, while old wounds from her personal and professional life are opened up. It’s not all grim though, as alongside an unfathomable genius and a steely international businessman, Mary encounters a kindly pathologist and a warm-hearted tribute act with friends in low places.

The Bodies in the Beach contains some strong language, and one scene where a character uses sexually disparaging comments as provocation. There are no descriptions of violence or sexual acts.

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