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A selection of material from a magazine series I did in the mid-1990s on HTML, JavaScript and anything else web-related that came to mind at the time. Some of it's pretty old, and some of the off-site links no longer work. The basic stuff's still valid though, so if you need a quick reference to IE4 light filters you've come to the right place. Just think of it as a nostalgia piece!

Cookie Libraries Yes,  they're back! These javascript functions make it easy to create and access browser cookies from client-side script code. Updated version.

Issue 132 Publish and Be...A Picture Editor

Issue 134 Dynamic HTML part 1 - the basics.

Issue 135 Dynamic HTML part 2 - moving objects, 3D layering and CD-ROM-like text 'pages'

Issue 136 Dynamic HTML part 3 - object animation plus making your DHTML pages compatible with other browsers

Issue 137 Dynamic HTML part 4 - building those collapsible, multi-level menus in Dynamic HTML plus custom properties

Issue 138 Dynamic HTML part 5 - Data Binding. Give your pages sortable and filterable databases, just like the ones on those server-backed sites!

Issue 139 Dynamic HTML part 6 - Visual Filters. Flip, shadow, semi-transparency and more for text and images PLUS the amazing UFO-building light points.

Issue 140 Cascading Style Sheets - how to bring style and consistency to your website!

Issue 141 Adding pre-written Java applets to your pages, featuring the brilliant Lake applet from David Griffiths.

Issue 143 Tables - the unsung heroes of HTML. They're fantastic! Who needs Dynamic HTML?

Issue 144 The Hitchikers Guide to HTML, part 1. The basics of HTML made easy!

Issue 145 The Hitchikers Guide to HTML, part 2. Text formatting and ordered lists (they may not be trendy, but they do a great job!)

Issue 146 The Hitchikers Guide to HTML, part 3. Data Entry Forms (did you know that you can use them to pass parameters between pages? -neither did I!) 

Issue 147 The Hitchikers Guide to HTML, part 4. Frames - everything you ever wanted to know (and a few things you probably didn't!)

Issue 149 Want a guestbook, forum, hit counter or site-search but don't have server-side programming support? Try the third (party) way!

Issue 150 Alterable images in Netscape and IE - animate a picture as the mouse rolls over it, and, er, create animated pushbuttons that don't only work in IE4(!)

Issue 151 Multiple browser windows - create 'em, control 'em and communicate between 'em!

Issue 152 Authoring for Internet Explorer 5.0 - part 1.

Issue 154 Authoring for Internet Explorer 5.0 - part 2.

Issue 155 Javascript Quiz (it's the one on the paulspages main menu). IE4-compatible, with sound effects, high-scores table, and details of how to add your own questions. PLUS random numbers special!

Issue 156 Create your own art gallery system using Netscape/IE-compatible absolute positioning.

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