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Congratulations to Doric Loon and Merkin the Magnificent of Aberdeen, who have each reached Komusubi rank on the points from just one quiz. They will need to achieve success in other quizzes to gain promotion towards the Grand Champion rank of Yokozuna. Good luck to all contestants!

Capital Cities
A nice easy(-ish) one to get you started!
General Knowledge
It's general - and it's quite tough!
NEW! Sumo Wrestling
The ancient Japanese sport of ozumo - and a new leaderboard opportunity!
60's Classic Rock
If you can remember the answers, you probably weren't there!
Early Microcomputing
A tough one for 80's micro enthusiasts!
UK Television
You'll need to know your telly from the 1960s onwards for this one! NEW! Longer time allowance!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
All about TV's evil-vanquishing teen goddess!

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