Welcome to the Kennet and Avon canal towpath from Bath to Bradford on Avon
If you thought the countryside on the Bath and Bristol cycle path was beautiful, wait till you see this! The Avon valley between Bath and Bradford on Avon is nothing short of idyllic, and the towpath route has the bonus of the Kennet and Avon canal, with its colourful narrowboats, old stone bridges and two quite amazing aqueducts.

There is a difference though. While the Bristol-Bath route was purpose built as a cycle path along a disused railway, the Bath-Bradford route is a working canal towpath, much narrower with a loose surface and, above all, far more people on foot. It is a 'proper' cycle route (part of the same National Route 4 as the Bristol path), but here cyclists are very much the guests. Please go slowly and show consideration, so we remain welcome.

It's nine miles to Bradford, and the flattest ride you'll find this side of the Fens. Sit back, enjoy - then get on your bike and ride it yourself!

Paul Stephens
(Look out for the hat on summer days!)

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