Welcome to Avalaff XP Heritage Edition
- a simulation of a satellite TV bingo channel from the early 2000s!

Avalaff lets you experience the thrills (and disappointments) of 'playing' an online bingo game like they did back in 2002, only there's no actual money involved so you can't lose anything (and to be fair, you can't win anything either)!

Remember - we're only joking, so there's no real money involved!

Avalaff Heritage Edition runs on modern browsers including FireFox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

TIP - Avalaff's display can look small on HD screens, but you can use the
zoom feature in most browsers to make it bigger. Enjoy!

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MIDI music files from the Yamaha XG MIDI Library


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name in place






In real life this would be costing you real money, although you wouldn't see how much until you got your phone bill, weeks later.

We're only joking though , so this won't cost you a penny!

Virtual-connecting takes a few seconds - long enough, in fact, to make it not worth virtual-disconnecting between games.

If you do, you might not be able to get virtual-connected again in time to get yer cards for the next game.Why do you think we make the gaps between the games so short?

We've given you 20 cards to get you started!
Press RED (below) to change your details.